Why Boxco



Presentation, Elegance, Beauty, Luxury and Impeccable Quality. These are the active ingredients responsible for the worldwide and lasting reputation of the more prestigious and luxurious jewelers of the industry. Tiffany, Cartier, Bulgari –just to name a few.

Brand recognition is what they have in common and more importantly- their trademark packaging. Luxury Packaging, Luxury Presentation and Luxury Display.

For 30 years, Boxco has not strayed from its dedication to be that final ingredient of their customer’s presentation and their lasting impressions.

Why would a man propose to his lovely lady with a standard ring from a renowned luxury brand instead of why-boxco-woman-gift.gif.jpgbuying a more precious piece at half the price from the local fine jeweler? Well- She can’t question the value or quality of any item in that world recognized little baby blue box! She just has to mention the brand to her friends and they will be impressed!

Boxco’s principal is to create and supply its valuable clientele with the ultimate and most beautiful packaging and display systems in order for their clients to feel and see the luxury that they are buying.

Why Boxco? Boxco’s success very much depends on their customer’s success. Working together with their clientele’s business image and development, Boxco wants their client’s customers to return to their stores, to tell their friends and for the jewelry experience to be memorable.

For Boxco, that means the quality of the Packaging and Display has to improve everyday along with a continuous development in design, trend, materials, technology and craftsmanship. Why? In today's business world, everyone is trying to show off his or her brand, packaging and display and Boxco are proud to be that final dimension to make that happen.

Please feel free to browse out website and if should have any questions, please be sure to let us know.